Flowers for purple theme weddings - decorations - purple theme wedding dresses

Purple is a popular wedding colour scheme and purple themed weddings are on the increase for a number of reasons. There are hundreds of shades of purple to meet every bride’s taste, and purple can be flattering to almost any skin tone. Purple symbolizes dignity, tolerance and togetherness, and it is also associated with royalty and spirituality. Here are some of the ways you can include purple in your wedding:

Invitations for purple weddings

Your wedding invitation sets the mood of your wedding, so purple weddings should be introduced by purple wedding invitations. A simple white invitation can be tied with a purple ribbon, and placed in a purple envelope, or you can really go for it and have lilac card with dark purple printing and a purple envelope stuffed with purple confetti. For a really modern look try cream card printed with a bold plum pattern such as polka dots or swirls, and printed text in the same colour.

Colour schemes for purple weddings

The shade of purple you choose for your wedding may depend on the season. Dark purples such as grape tend to work well with gold or silver for a winter wedding, while lilac looks beautiful with white, ivory or yellow for a spring wedding. For a summer wedding, deep purple can be teamed with lime green, lemon or cream. Using a variety of shades of purple, from lilac to plum to violet, creates a beautiful layered effect.

Flowers for purple weddings

Another reason that purple is a popular choice for weddings is that there are many attractive flowers available in various shades of purple. A purple bouquet looks stunning against a white, cream or ivory bridal gown. Freesias, gladioli, tulips, deep purple roses and lisianthus all make good purple wedding flowers.

Bouquets of purple flowers often need lighter elements to bring out the rich colours, so include some white or cream flowers, silver decorations, and some greenery. If your bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses, simple white and green bouquets will emphasize the colour beautifully.

Bridal wear for purple weddings

If purple is your obsession you may be on the lookout for an unusual purple bridal gown. Purple wedding dresses are fairly rare, although some designers do make them in lavender and metallic purple. If you want a deep purple dress you may have to have one specially made, or wear a purple ball gown rather than a traditional wedding gown. It may be possible to buy a white bridal gown and have it professionally dyed, but be sure the dress material is suitable before you order the gown.